Over a hundred senior residents of Arandis staged a demonstration against alleged high rates, taxes, and water bills and demanded a total write-off of debt by the town's municipal council.

With their crutches held high in the scorching heat of the sun, forgetting about their aching backs and feet for what they believed was unfair, the angry elderly marched from the town's police station to the municipality.
The elderly are accusing the council of unfair tender allocation, saying tenders are only given to outsiders, friends, and families of those in the council management.
This, they say, contributes to the high unemployment rate among the residents of the town, especially the youth. 
Another issue raised was that senior residents of the town are unfairly evicted from council houses where they rent, and therefore they demand that they be given land.
What was previously known as the town's public swinging pool is turned into a bar, from which they say they don't benefit a penny.

Another piece of public property is the old fire station that is believed to have been sold to a private, unknown person, while the town does not have a fire station.

Arandis is located in the western part of the Erongo Region, with an estimated population of 12,900.



Stefan Uirab