Former Metro employees, residents protest

Former employees of the Metro Cash & Carry store in Grootfontein and residents of the town held a demonstration against the management of the wholesalers for allegedly dismissing employees unfairly.

Although the current employees of the retailer did not attend the demonstration as they were allegedly not allowed to go on a lunch break, those that were dismissed, together with the community at large, demonstrated to stop management from further dismissing employees unfairly.

Appoint independent delegate to decide Ndama School's fate- Ndama East residents 

Some community members of Ndama East in Kavango East Region held a demonstration on Friday, requesting that the decision to move the school back to Ndama South West be reconsidered.

Earlier on, the community had requested that the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture evaluate and confirm a resolution on the matter.

Yet, with no positive response in sight, the community demands that the government appoint an independent delegate to decide on the school's fate.

Oikokola, Amaupa Villagers demonstrate over clean drinking water

Villagers of Oikokola and Amaupa in the Omusati Region marched to the office of Governor Erginus Endjala to hand over their petition demanding clean drinking water.

In their petition, the demonstrators say that at Independence, Namibia adopted Vision 2030, promising to improve and increase safe drinking water and sanitation in both rural and urban areas.

This is still not the case at Oikokola and Amaupa villages, they argue.

Air Namibia's former employees continue fighting for their severance packages

The former workers of Air Namibia are continuing their fight to receive their severance packages.

A group of 638 demonstrators is reiterating their dependency on this remaining severance money as their primary source of support.

In December 2022, the former workers received a partial payment of their severance packages, but this amount was deducted without their consent.

Renier Bougard, the chairperson of the workers union, emphasised the urgency of addressing the situation while handing over a petition to the Ministry of Justice.

Nam Dock Walvis Bay employees demonstrate

More than 500 employees at Nam Dock Walvis Bay went on strike in an effort to compel management and the board of directors to address their grievances.

The workers are discontented with alleged salary discrepancies and racism at the company, among other issues.

As early as seven in the morning on Wednesday, more than 500 Nam Dock employees took to the streets of Walvis Bay and obstructed the entrance to the dry dock and ship repair yard.

COVID-19 volunteers demand consideration for 800 vacancies

Volunteers from COVID-19 whose contracts were terminated staged a demonstration, demanding that they be considered for the more than 800 vacancies released by the government.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment Creation plans to recruit all COVID-19 volunteers from government grades 12 to 15.

The volunteers believe it is unfair that they have not been considered after three years of sacrifices, during which some of their colleagues died of COVID-19.

Some Keetmanshoop residents demand reinstatement of Dr Refanus Kooper 

Some residents of Keetmanshoop marched to the State Hospital, demanding the reinstatement of well-known medical Doctor, Refanus Kooper. 

Dr. Kooper left public service to go open up a private practice in the Hardap Region.

They also called for the immediate removal of the Director of Health in the ||Kharas Region. 

Residents marched through the streets of Keetmanshoop carrying placards and singing songs, praising Doctor Kooper for his passion for patients.