The Namibian Revenue Agency (NamRA) has donated forfeited goods worth more than N$100,000 to the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture.

Backpacks, caps, and soccer balls were among the items donated.

NamRA's Chief of Strategic Communications, Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze, reiterated that the items were not confiscated but forfeited.

"Goods that were brought into our space, and then they were detained. They are certain things that should have been satisfied, and when an importer does not meet those requirements, there is a grace period of about 90 days within which we are then supposed to forfeit."

Ndorakaze also highlighted the role of the Education Ministry and called for the promotion of sports in schools.

"In a rational world, to perform well in school at one point or another, you also had to do well in one or another sport activity, and we know that with the little contribution that we are making now, we go a long way in assisting, especially those schools that are in remote areas, and when the natural championships are happening, they are expected to perform at the same level as the urban settlements."

Deputy Education Minister Faustina Caley accepted the donation.

"The donation will be given. In particular, our most venerable learners know that not every school can afford to have just one ball in school. We have many schools in very remote areas that cannot provide for themselves. These items, therefore, we really appreciate it."

Photo Credits
Maria Kaalushu