More than 300 inbound cars passed the Swakopmund roadblock during the early morning hours of Friday, and police expect a high number of inbound vehicles as the Easter weekend progresses.

Swakopmund is known for being an ever-popular getaway for locals and visitors, offering plenty of opportunities for sports, adventure, and plain old-fashioned fun.

Namibians, mostly from Windhoek and the southern parts of the country, made their way to Swakopmund.

Many people were seen swimming and playing beach volleyball and soccer in town, while others lazed around in the sun.

Parking spaces in Swakopmund are scarce because the town draws a lot of tourists who participate in different social events.

NamPol Unit Commander for Community Affairs in Erongo, Inspector Ileni Shapumba, urged visitors and locals to remain vigilant, as some opportunistic criminals are also roaming around.

Road users are urged to maintain a safe traveling distance to avoid unnecessary road accidents.

A fatal road accident in which a person was killed was reported in the area of Omaruru.

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