The United Democratic Front (UDF) Party's Central Committee Member, Daniel Tsaneb, wants young people to be considered for top leadership positions.

Tsaneb said this during an interview with nbc News on the sidelines of the central committee meeting at Usakos, recently.

He says when the younger generation advocates for free expression, the leadership is challenged due to a lack of effective political administration and processes in the party.

Tsaneb urged the leadership to honor the party's legal instruments to uphold constitutional democratic systems and so ensure that the youth have equal representation in the organization on any given platform.

The effective administration of party policies Tsaneb says will result in the implementation of party programs and activities to make the party visible in the political space.

"Namibian politics is very delicate, and when it comes to the politics of Namibia, young people are mostly focusing on things that are attractive. Young people will soon come up in the political space where they will also represent the organization on platforms such as this."

He says that UDF is challenged with transparency when it comes to national affairs.

"Every party has issues, and whenever those issues are not resolved, the party moves into the arena of not being trusted, and that is what the young people are advocating for. Young people are advocating for transparency, equality, and justice so that the party can also become more effective in national affairs, and UDF has got very promising and capable young people that can represent the organization in the national political space."

UDF's President, Apius !Auchab, warned the youth against looking at politics simply as a job opportunity.



Stefan |Uirab