The Inspector General of the Police, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, says drug abuse in Namibia is a growing concern and is responsible for increased criminal activities happening in many communities.

The Inspector General of the Namibian Police says more than 4,000 inmates are awaiting trial for drug-related crimes.

Substance abuse is an enormous social problem in the country. Many young people are introduced to drugs through their peers.

Lieutenant General Shikongo says that drug users, particularly young people, have easy access, with many users losing their jobs due to substance abuse, becoming alienated from their loved ones, or turning to a life of crime to survive.

Young people are easily tempted towards drugs, alcohol, and gang life, the senior police officer cautions, especially those who live in low-income areas where unemployment and crime are historically high.

"In our country, over the years, the illicit drugs Namibia used to be known as a transit country, but as of now it has become a consumer, which means Namibians are now consuming drugs that are coming from different world markets. Some of them are from Brazil; we have them on record, and I am referring to issues before the court that there are people who have been arrested for drugs; this is one of the problems."

To help deal with the increasing cases of drug abuse in the country, the IG says the police's focus remains on equipping communities to deal with drug abuse and helping those with drug addictions in their recovery.


Stefan Uirab