The Executive Director in the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization Sikongo Haihambo has commended the Namibian Standards Institution for ensuring that there is fair trade in the economy.

He said this during the celebration of the World Metrology at Rundu.

Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) celebrated World Metrology Day, under the theme 'Measurements supporting the global food system".

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signing of the 20 May 1875 Metre Convention.

Over 80 countries around celebrate the impact of measurement daily.

The convention provides the basis for a worldwide coherent measurement system that strengthens discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade as well as the improvement of quality of life.

The Executive Director of Industrialization and Trade Sikongo Haihambo says maintenance of quality infrastructure is critical.

"The maintenance of our quality infrastructure is of critical importance in our country as it allows us to engage continuously in international trade despite challenges associated with stringent requirements of international trade export/import markets. I must commend the NIS for continued growth and advancement in areas of standardisation and quality infrastructure since its inception".

Haihambo urged the institution to work tirelessly in pursuit to maintain Namibia's positive image and relevance on a global scale.

"There is much we can do together as a country to develop appropriate regulatory frameworks, infrastructure and skills to support our national quality infrastructure regime, so as to enable our country to cope with challenges associated with measurements".

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the NSI Simasiku Matali explains that the day is used to educate people on how metrology affects individuals on a daily basis. 

"We are guided by time, we are guided by distance, we are guided by measurements in totality and today we want to celebrate that day by informing ourselves how the concept of metrology relates to each and every one of us and how the subject of measurement literally affects our daily lives, be it at an individual level be it at an economical level".


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Namibian Standards Institution


Elizabeth Mwengo