Affirmative Repositioning Movement councillor on the Windhoek City Council, Dr. Job Amupanda, has tabled a motion aiming to empower and establish a framework for councillors to advocate for development.

The motion titled "Councillors as Development Ambassadors and Champions" has been approved by the Council and will be referred to the management committee for further discussions.

Dr. Amupanda, in his motivation, emphasised that achieving financial stability is still a goal to be pursued, requiring individual councillors to propose development projects to the council for approval.

Furthermore, Dr. Amupanda highlighted the importance of councillors mobilising resources to enhance financial capacity and accelerate development.

It is expected that the CEO and relevant department heads will provide administrative support to councillors in facilitating the process of conceptualising and mobilising their developmental initiatives.

Windhoek Mayor Joseph Uapingene stressed the necessity of referring the motion to the City's Management Committee for further deliberations on its financial implications.



Celma Ndhikwa