The Deputy Minister of Information, Communication, and Technology, Emma Theofilus, has urged Namibians to prioritise social cohesion as a crucial goal.

Theofilus made these remarks during the official opening of the 7th edition of the annual Oranjemund Diamond Festival and Career Fair.

The annual Diamond Festival is a platform for businesses to showcase their services and products and, at the same time, engage investors.

This year's festival is being held under the theme 'Creating a sustainable future through economic diversification'. 

"I believe it is important through this Diamond Festival that all of us reflect on how we can sustainably look after our citizens. The truth of the matter is, it is unsustainable to continue having high levels of violence. For example, it is unsustainable to continue having high levels of unemployment. It is unsustainable to continue having high levels of poverty. Regardless of whether the diamonds are in the ground or we mined them out, if economic progression does not touch the bodies and lives of ordinary Namibians, we'll not have social cohesion," said MICT Deputy Minister Emma Theofilus.

Theofilus also underscored the importance of career fairs in providing students with a head start in their career search.

"Use the career fair to ask as many questions as you would like to explore beyond today and the free Wi-Fi that the mayor has provided to you to do more research on what your career path is going to be because more often than not, the career you choose determines your legacy."

Also speaking at the occasion were ||Kharas Governor Aletta Fredericks and Oranjemund Diamond Festival's patron, Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun.

"Festivals and fairs are regarded as the most efficient way to boost local economies since they make it easier for customers, sellers, and manufacturers to establish commercial ties. It is critical that we recognise that undertakings of this magnitude necessitate greater collaboration between the private sector and regional and local structures in order to achieve economic growth" explained the ||Kharas Governor.

"The annual diamond Festival is a testimony to Oranjemund's identity and celebration of town heritage and showcases not only its achievements; it is a moment we come together to honour all those who contribute to the success of the diamond industry," added Namundjebo-Tilahun.

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