Developed nations have been called upon to fulfil their commitment to provide financial and technical assistance to African countries.

The call was made by Vice President Nangolo Mbumba at the Africa Climate Change Summit, underway in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mbumba says adequate funding is crucial to support adaptation and mitigation efforts, improve infrastructure resilience, and promote sustainable development.

Another aspect is technology transfer and capacity building , which the Vice President says are initiatives to empower African nations to implement climate-friendly solutions and maximise their potential for clean energy generation and sustainable agriculture.

"I am therefore positive that through the Nairobi Declaration, we sent a clear message to the international community and especially to our partners present in this room that the time to act is now", the VP told the summit attended by Heads of State and Government, civil society, environmentalist groups, businesses, and other stakeholders.

The Africa Climate Summit aims to position the continent to better respond to the challenges posed by the climate crisis and to be a leader in the clean energy transition.

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Absai Haiduwa


Blanche Goreses