Residents of Katutura marched to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) to seek answers over a non-response by the City of Windhoek to attend to their water and electricity petition handed in six months ago.

The demonstrators first marched to the municipal offices to collect a copy of their petition to take to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development. However, no one from the City came out to meet them.

At the Ministry, chaos almost erupted when the Mayor, Joseph Uapingene, accompanied the Minister to receive the petition. They were not pleased with his presence, stating that he refused to attend to them when they were at his office. The residents calmed down following the intervention of the minister.

Many residents of Katutura have been without water and electricity for years; among them are pensioners. They are demanding affordable payment plans and the cancellation of inherited debts. They also do not want the debt collector, RedForce.

The residents are also demanding pre-paid water and electricity to avoid a debt trap. Minister Uutoni assured the residents that their request would receive the necessary attention.

The residents gave the ministry three days to respond.



Selima Henock