Namibia and Zambia have agreed to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships among private sector players and facilitate trade through improved market access for products.

Trade Ministers from both countries and their delegations met in Lusaka this week to take stock of the progress made in trade and investment areas of cooperation.

Products such as sugar, salt, fish, meat and meat products, wheat, maize, avocados, honey, and tomatoes are just some to be traded with through improved market access.

The two countries further committed to the timely resolution of outstanding non-tariff barriers to facilitate the free flow of goods.

They also agreed to finalise consultations on the establishment of a simplified trade regime at the Katima-Mulilo/Wenela border, owing to the potential benefits for small-scale cross-border traders from both countries.

Namibia's Minister of Trade, Lucia Iipumbu, said ''Namibia and Zambia must continue to pioneer these types of economic relations and business affiliations to provide fertile ground for economic development. We must further strongly consider cementing bilateral business partnerships, which may result in technological transfer, skills development, value chain development, and enhanced value addition to our raw materials". 




Blanche Goreses