Namibia is still working to reclaim its number-one position as the cleanest country in Africa.

To that effect, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism recently joined hands with the organisation 'Let's Do It Namibia' to create awareness around cleanliness.

Currently, Namibia is ranked as the 10th cleanest country in Africa, down from the number one spot after it lost that status to Rwanda. 

The Environment Ministry is working closely with local authorities, plastic packaging companies, and the Old Mutual Namibia Foundation to bring Namibia back to its former glory. 

In the city, the cleanup campaign focused on areas such as Otjomuise, Soweto, Okuryangava, and Samora Michelle Constituency.

The Managing Director of "Let's Namibia Do It" Tanswell Rooinasie, says,"We all know that if your environment is dirty, not only does it lead to diseases, but it is also very bad visually, and as we all know, Namibia is heavily dependent on tourism; therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that we have a clean Namibia."

The 'We Are Together Pre-Primary School' and United Hope Dynamic for Development joined in the effort to clean up Namibia.


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Lucia Nghifindaka