Erongo Governor Neville Andre has urged human resources practitioners to create an environment that enables individuals to reach their full potential at work. Human resources practitioners in Namibia have gathered at Swakopmund for a two-day conference.

The 13th Annual General Meeting of the Institute of People Management is being held under the theme "Unleash, Inspire, and Connect". 

"As managers create an environment that fosters growth, encourages self-expression, and enables individuals to reach their fullest potential, inspiration is the second pillar of your theme. It is what ignites the fire within us, propelling us forward and driving us to achieve greatness. By leading with passion and purpose, we can inspire those around us to go above and beyond, to push boundaries, and to continuously strive for excellence."

The President and Founder of the Institute of People Management, Tim Ekandjo, said the event was created to ensure that practitioners conduct themselves professionally and with integrity.

"We did not choose the profession simply because it provides us with a quick job opportunity. We are obliged to serve, nurture, develop, and extract the very best out of our people, not to go and stress and humiliate them and treat them like animals. And thereafter, we will probably be our own HR managers. We can all remain humble while we stand, because humility should never be mistaken for weakness. Remember that we are dealing with human beings with feelings and emotions, and we must treat them like human beings at all times."

About 14 experienced speakers from Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Belgium are addressing issues including leadership, well-being, digital HR, and youth unemployment.



Renathe Rengura