The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, has issued a clarification regarding the recent controversy surrounding the procurement of horses for the newly established horse unit.

A weekly local paper had previously reported that 13 horses were acquired at a cost of N$1.6 million, equivalent to N$130,000 each, but the Minister has stated that this information is false and misleading.

The minister was responding to a question posed by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Maximalliant Katjimune during a parliamentary session.

Katimune had expressed concerns, seeking clarity on the significant difference in the reported cost.

The Minister explained that the Ministry had indeed procured 13 horses, and through the Game Product Trust Fund, a total of N$10,000 for each horse was paid, not the N$1.6 million as stated by the local newspaper.

The local newspaper has, however, apologised to the Ministry of Environment for the misinformation.



Serafia Nadunya