Namibia and Türkiye have reaffirmed their intent to cement bilateral relations and explore new avenues in the area of investment.

Their commitments were expressed during the celebration of Türkiye's 100 years as a republic, where the two countries unpacked their joint achievements over the years.

Speaking at a celebration, the Turkish Ambassador to Namibia, Feral Cekerek Oruckaptan, said Türkiye's independence has inspired many nations to gain their freedom and sovereignty.

She said nothing is impossible, even under the most difficult circumstances, as long as people are united.
She emphasised that it was that resilience that brought prosperity to the people of the Republic of Türkiye.

"In the course of these 100 years, we achieved to transform our country into an industrialised and prosperous state step by step under the motto "peace at home, peace in the world', under the leadership of President His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Türkiye's approach is a dimensional, action-oriented, and principled foreign policy that promotes peace, stability, and prosperity in our region and beyond based on mutual respect and a win-win approach."

The Turkiye Republic supported Namibia in its quest for independence, dating back to the 1960s.

At the time, Türkiyec was a member of the UN Council for South West Africa. Each year, the Turkish Republic offers scholarships to students to study in that country.

"Since 2014, the Turkish Cooperation Coordination Agency has supported local projects and completed over 100 of them in the areas of health care, education, agriculture, sanitation and water, women's empowerment, and wildlife preservation in different parts of Namibia."

It is an act of kindness that Namibia appreciates.

Turkiye also supported the digitalization of the National Assembly through the e-parliament strategy. Namibia also supported Türkiye when it was hit by an earthquake.

However, investment between the two countries is said to be low, and this is a matter being addressed through business forums.

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Laimi Hainghumbi