The One Economy Foundation has raised about N$4.2 million at its eighth annual fundraising gala dinner.

The funds will be used for youth and adolescent development in various fields.

President Hage Geingob was the guest of honour at the event.

The First Lady, Monica Geingos, described the One Economy Foundation as a stewardship of development to link what is described as the first economy, consisting of middle- and high-income earners, and the second economy, consisting of low-income earners, towards one balanced economy.

The funds raised are disbursed within the different pillars of One Economy, which, among others, are 'Be Free' and 'Break Free'.

The aim is to develop, raise awareness, and find solutions within the fields of education, health, entrepreneurship, and enterprise development while tackling social issues like gender-based violence, particularly those related to adolescence and youth.

"When dealing with young people, programmes should be holistic and not only focus on specifics because the behaviours feel entrenched. This is why we don't focus on specifics. We focus on multiple issues because young people don't have single-issue problems. We focus on pregnancies, substance issues, mental health, and dysfunctional families; we look at the overall wellbeing of young people through a holistic framework."

Geingos also touched on the recently opened 'Be Free Youth Campus' and spoke on the campus's aim to serve as a hub to assist young people in the various fields mentioned.

The Be Free movement has to date trained 60 young people from all over Namibia in different training programmes.

Those beneficiaries, known as Be Free Ambassadors, spoke on the organisation's significance in helping them find a space and platform to express themselves.

Donations from partners continue to simulate and expand the role that One Economy plays in the country.

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