A Zambian truck driver narrowly escaped death at the Ngoma border post in the Zambezi Region when his parked truck caught fire while he was sleeping. 

The driver is reported to have arrived at Ngoma Post Tuesday morning from Zambia via Botswana in transit to Walvis Bay, transporting copper.

Due to delays by the clearing agents, he had to stay overnight at the border between Namibia and Botswana.

The driver was awoken by another truck driver who was parked behind him at around eleven o'clock in the night when his truck caught fire.

He was rescued from his truck without injuries but lost all his personal and business belongings, including his passport and documents that were in the truck.

The Kasane Fire Brigade from Botswana was called in to assist and extinguish the fire.

Some of the copper bricks melted during the fire. It has not been established what caused the fire, but police suspect a short-circuit failure.



Sililo Mubiana