Sentencing of guardians charged with murder postponed

The sentencing of a former police officer charged with the murder of his daughter has been postponed to Friday after mitigation arguments were heard in the Katima Mulilo Circuit High Court in the Zambezi Region.

37-year-old Sydney Ikosa was found guilty of murder, negligence, and deliberate abuse of his daughter, as well as common assault under the Domestic Violence Act, by Judge President Petrus Damaseb at the end of last month (August).

State of government infrastructures in Zambezi a concern

The Zambezi Regional Leadership is concerned about the state of some government infrastructure in the region.

It called on Minister of Finance and Public Enterprises Ipumbu Shiimi to ensure that funds are made available to improve service delivery.

Shiimi is in the Zambezi Region for the next financial year's national budget consultations.

The Head of Immigration, Daisy Musweu, also raised concern about a lack of accommodation for immigration officials at the Katima Mulilo Border Post.

Former police officer found guilty of daughter's murder 

A former police officer, Sydney Ikosa, charged with the murder of his two-year-and-six-month-old daughter, was found guilty in the Katima Mulilo Circuit High Court.

The 35-year-old Ikosa and his wife, Chuma Simekwazi, aged 38, were also facing charges of abuse and child neglect as well as assault to cause serious bodily harm under the Child Care Act.

Both Ikosa and his wife, Simekwazi, were cleared of the charge of assault, as the court was not convinced that the state proved the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

Katima Mulilo Border Post open 24 hours

The Katima Mulilo Border Post between Namibia and Zambia is now operational 24 hours a day.

The around-the-clock operation was launched by the Ministers of Home Affairs following a decision taken by the two countries governments in Livingstone in April this year.

Namibia's Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Dr. Albert Kawana, noted that the introduction of 24-hour operation for the Katima Mulilo Border Post is another milestone for both countries.

Dr. Kawana believes that the move will have great economic benefits for both countries.

Erwin Frans pleads not guilty 

Erwin Frans, 38, accused of murder and two counts of attempted murder as well as assault with intent to cause serious bodily harm, pleaded not guilty before the High Court Circuit Sitting held in Katima Mulilo on Thursday.

Frans faces six counts related to the murder of his girlfriend, Mwaaka Kopelo, in February 2021 at Macaravan West near Katima Mulilo.
Erwin Frans pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm and to possessing ammunition without a licence.

His not-guilty plea was not communicated to his Legal Aid government-funded lawyer.

Lack of manpower at Ngoma Border Post delays travelers

Travellers using the Ngoma Border Post were delayed Sunday morning due to a lack of manpower.

The Ngoma Border Post opens at six o'clock every day, but this morning it opened 30 minutes late because there was no immigration officer.

When the nbc News team arrived at the border, there was only one immigration officer serving at both the departure and arrival counters.

The immigration officer was initially off and sick and had to drive to Katima Mulilo for medical treatment and still return to work to assist.

Mafwe Traditional Authority unhappy with human-wildlife conflicts compensation policy

The Mafwe Traditional Authority in the Zambezi Region is not happy with the current compensation policy for losses incurred through human-wildlife conflicts.

Traditional councillors expressed their discontent during an engagement with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources.

Mafwe Traditional Authority councillors believe that the current compensation of N$100,000 for loss of life due to wildlife attacks is inadequate and instead want this amount to be increased to at least N$200,000 as a one-time payment.

Government urged to enhance living standards in rural Zambezi communities

The government has been urged to bring certain services that can enhance the living standards of rural communities in Zambezi Region closer.

Chief Shikati Boniface Shufu, of the Mayeyi community, was dismayed over the ongoing practise of referring patients from Zambezi to Rundu in the Kavango Region and Windhoek for specialised treatments.

Tsumeb Dundee Metal donates mattresses to hostels in Zambezi Region

The Councillor of Katima Mulilo Urban Constituency, Kennedy Simasiku, is concerned about the state of hostels in the Zambezi Region.

According to Simasiku, who made these remarks at Katima Mulilo when he received a donation of mattresses from Tsumeb Dundee Metal, the majority of hostels in the region are in dilapidated condition.

The donation is intended to benefit the Caprivi Secondary School Hostel and Kizito College.

Simasiku commended Dundee Metals for their commitment to giving back to the community.