A series of anti-secession demonstrations, held under the Swapo Party, that have been taking place in the Zambezi Region nearly resulted in a violent confrontation this weekend at Linyanti Village.

A rival youth group, in support of the Zambezi Region's secesion from Namibia, organised themselves to stop the Swapo Party demonstration.

The police intervened just in time to avert a physical confrontation.

Swapo had been organising a series of demonstrations in all Zambezi constituencies denouncing secessionist activities.

The group from Linyanti, under the Swapo Party banner, arranged to meet others from Makanga and Sibbinda and other areas in the constituency to proceed to Malengalenga to hand over a petition.

However, they were met by a group of youth in support of separating the region from Namibia.

The group told nbc News that the residents of the village last week told Indunas of Linyanti that they are not in support of those calling for a unitary state.

At Malengalenga Village, the group was able to hold their demonstration and hand over a petition to the Linyanti Swapo Party District Coordinator.

They also call upon relevant authorities, including village headmen, to do all they can to stop and restrict their communities from supporting secessionist ideas.



Sililo Mubiana