Swapo Party members in Sibbinda District urged to unite


The Swapo Party's Chairperson of Leaders Assigned to the Zambezi Region, Erastus Uutoni, addressed party members and supporters at Bitto in the Sibbinda District. 

He reminded them that the liberation struggle was won because of unity of purpose, and the enemy was defeated.

Uutoni stated that, as the people had united for the common purpose of liberating the country, it was now time to stand together and work hard to build on the gains achieved since then through the Swapo Party-led government. 

Zambezi governor urges patience for Delimitation Commission response


Zambezi Governor Lawrence Sampofu has called on the region's inhabitants to remain calm as they await the response of the Fifth Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission regarding their proposals.

During an interview on Friday, Sampofu stated that it was uncertain when feedback would be received, but they anticipate a response this year.

#NAMIBIAVOTES2024 | Future of Namibians in their hands - Sampofu


Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu was among the first people to register at the Katima Mulilo UNAM campus.

Voter registration started on time without reported challenges at various registration centres in the Zambezi Region.

Alufea Sampofu said that by registering as voters, residents will have a say in who their leaders will be for the next five years.

Stakeholders in Zambezi call for urgent revamp of various animal quarantines


The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics and Public Administration has completed its two-day visit to the Zambezi Region.

The committee, headed by member of parliament Sebastiaan Karupu, explained the visit was a result of petitions by civil society organisations that complained about the standard of abattoirs and quarantine facilities in the northern communal areas (NCAs) and the urgent need to revive livestock markets in said areas.

Man arrested for stealing copper cables


A 38-year-old Namibian man was apprehended by Nshimwe security guards at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region while he was digging for copper cables.

The suspect was handed over to the police, who charged him with theft.

Two other suspects managed to escape arrest.

The NORED Regional Manager for Operations in the Zambezi Region, Sylvester Chaka, who was at the scene, told nbc News that they carried out investigations after realising that the town centre was without power.

Hostel dwellers at Simataa Senior Secondary School can now sleep comfortably


Hostel dwellers at the Simataa Senior Secondary School in the Zambezi Region are breathing a sigh of relief following the donation of mattresses by the Mine Workers Union of Namibia (MUN).

Learners have been forced to make their beds on the bare floors.

Simataa Senior Secondary School has a school population of 435 learners, and 280 are living in the hostel.

Agriculture Ministry releases report on cattle deaths in Zambezi Region


The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform has released the findings of an investigation into the mass mortalities of cattle in the Zambezi Region’s Kabe South constituency between June and November last year.

585 cattle, most of them old, pregnant, lactating, or young, died at 23 homesteads and 12 crush pen areas by the end of October.

Over 80% of the cattle visited were found to be in poor bodily condition at the time of the investigation, and poor grazing pastures were observed in most areas visited.

Draught hampers harvest in Zambezi


Due to the ongoing drought, farmers in the Zambezi Region are counting their losses.

The region, whose residents heavily rely on agriculture for both consumption and commercial purposes, is worried about the prospects of their farming. 

Some residents of Maalo Village next to Lake Lyambezi say not only do they have to deal with wildlife damaging their crops, but a lack of rainfall also made things difficult this year.

The unemployed farmers who survive through farming say they will not get their return on investment.

Impalila Island's low-volume seal road infrastructure to be inaugurated 


The completed low-volume seal road infrastructure at Impalila Island, Zambezi Region, is likely to be inaugurated in April. 

The construction of the N$60 million, 25-kilometre project as well as the upgrading of a loading port, which started in 2022, will be completed by the end of March. 

During a site visit to the island on Thursday, Roads Authority CEO Conrad Lutombi said road-surfacing has been completed and road markings are now being completed, while signage is also completed.

Zambezi Traditional Authorities pay homage late President Geingob


Traditional Authorities in the Zambezi Region have paid homage to the late President Hage Geingob, describing him as having lived a life worth emulating by current and future generations.

The Masubia, Mayeyi, Mafwe, and Mashi Traditional Authorities say the memories of Dr. Geingob as a freedom fighter and persevering statesman are legacies that need to be honored.