The motion, put forth by Mike Venaani of the Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM), to address Namibia's high crime rate, has been referred to the parliamentary standing committee for further investigation.

Highlighting the severity of rising crime in the country, members of the National Assembly called for a collaborative effort to identify effective solutions to secure a safer environment for all citizens.

The Deputy Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication, and Child Welfare, Bernadette Jagger, emphasised the necessity of shifting from rhetoric to action-oriented approaches in tackling escalating crime.

"There is absolutely no doubt that something is currently being done to address the crime of GBV; however, we will not deny that a lot still has to be done in order to see the impact of implementing the laws in place as well as the impact of carrying out the different programmes aimed at transforming the mindsets of people. We are urged to be our brother's keepers and also know that when it comes to the crime of GBV, everyone is expected to pay a part, ranging from the legislatures, the officers of the court, the law enforcement officers, the family members of the victims and perpetrators, and the friends and neighbours. It is the responsibility of each one of us to come out and report the crime of GBV."

Jagger listed the interventions her ministry has taken to address gender-based violence, from awareness campaigns to legal engagements with traditional authorities, male engagement, and social protection programmes.

Meanwhile, Popular Democratic Movement MP Elma Dienda highlighted a seven percent increase in reported criminal cases, which underscores the prevalence of violent crimes affecting women and children.

"Urgent interventions are needed against crimes targeting women and children, and such acts should be condemned in the strongest terms."


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