The National Council MPs debated on the second reading featuring the Appropriation Amendment Bill.

The bill solely looks at revising and reallocating resources without changing the total amount of expenditure.

MPs have commended the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises' efforts to curb excessive spending and for recognising the economic strain experienced by all Namibians.

Contributing to the bill was Swapo Party MP John Likando, who implored the Namibia Standards Institute to ensure that the weight of goods is calibrated to ensure that consumers are charged according to the weight of a good.

Likando further raised concerns about the severe drought that hit the Zambezi Region and the bad weather conditions that caused animals to die.

"Farmers are losing thousands of cattle; if you go all over the constituency, you will find skeletons that even vultures can no longer consume. We ask the Ministry of Agriculture, especially the veterinarians, to investigate and find an immediate solution before the total loss because this is the only bank of our rural people."

Also contributing to the bill was NUDO MP Peter Kazongominja, who raised his concerns about commercial banks overcharging clients without their knowledge.

He said that the staggering increase in interest rates makes it difficult for people to maintain their standard of living.

"Who is monitoring these banks? Because in these banks, irregular things are taking place. And who is monitoring these banks? What is the Bank of Namibia saying about these irregularities that are taking place in our banks? How many people are going to lose money because of what is happening in our commercial banks?"

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Joleni Shihapela