The Vice Chairperson of the National Council, Victoria Kauma, addressed the assembly during the official opening of the 11th Session of the 6th National Council, acknowledging the sombre atmosphere prevailing due to the recent death of President Hage G. Geingob.

Kauma urged members to observe a moment of silence in honour of the late President, highlighting his significant contributions to Namibia. 

Despite the collective grief, she emphasised the importance of fulfilling the constitutional mandate, citing Articles 74 and 75 as guiding principles.

"Under this difficult moment of sorrow, I once again ask you to rise and pay a moment of silence in honour of our departed President. The constitutional mandate compels the National Council to conduct its chamber business during this testing and difficult moment of the National Mourning Period."

Kauma called for unity and commitment to the principles that form the foundation of the nation.

"The strength of our democracy emanates from the dynamic exchange in our debates, the profound depth embedded within our discussions, and the unwavering sincerity that underpins our collective toil. As we convene for this parliamentary session, let it not only be a demonstration of political discourse but, more importantly, a resounding testament to our shared patriotism and steadfast dedication to the enduring ideals that have intricately shaped the fabric of our nation. Through our deliberations, may we fortify the pillars of democracy, ensuring that the echoes of our commitment resonate for generations to come, echoing the principles that bind us as a united and resilient people."



Serafia Nadunya