In the Omaheke Region, leaders and citizens alike are reflecting on the monumental legacy of the late Dr. Hage Geingob, a figure celebrated not only for his pioneering spirit but also for his deep-seated respect for fellow leaders. 

Known for his significant contributions to the nation, one of Dr. Geingob's notable achievements was spearheading the development of modern infrastructure at Toasis in the Aminuis Constituency.

Omaheke Governor Pijoo Nganate, while signing a card of condolence, lauded Dr. Geingob as a modern-day pathfinder whose vision and achievements have left an indelible mark on the region and beyond.

Nganate says words are not enough to describe the late Geingob.

He hailed Namibia's third president as among the country's many heroes worth celebrating, saying the region joins the nation in mourning 'a true son of the soil'.

"He will be remembered by me as a giver, someone who will normally celebrate the greatness of other people, like the Hosea Kutako Shrine, which is typical of Hage Geingob singing the praises of another giant, and also restoring the dignity of Hosea Kutako by making sure that the shrine is put up in honour of Hosea Kutako, the first man who went out and sent Namibians with a petition for the independence of this country and is a man who will always remember the greatness of other people."

The Chairperson of the Omaheke Regional Council, Ignatius Kariseb, added that Geingob laid a unique foundation as a key administrative person in the country.

"One of the outstanding things that I can recall about our late president is the fact that he was very consistent in terms of approach and was the person who was advocating for inclusivity that we are enjoying today; he was the person who was always constantly talking about systems, processes, and institutions, which is one of the main things; such is the foundation that he laid, and I'm hopeful that as a region, as a country, this is the foundation that we are going to build on to move this country and the region forward."

Gobabis Mayor, Melba Tjozongoro, had this to say: "We hope that his passing will teach us a lot as leaders—that we have to forget ourselves and lead by example and put the community we are serving in front of us."

"I want to say that this is also the time when we must realise that the seed must fall to the ground in order for more fruit to come. This is a very trying time, but it is also a good time for Namibians because I remember the last conversation that I had at the table with him. Talking about how he is the President for all Namibians," said Elvire Theron, Local Authority Councillor for Gobabis.

It is anticipated that the region will have a mass candlelight scheduled for February 8, 2024.



Ngarije Kavari