Vendors in the capital have expressed sorrow and sadness over the death of Dr. Hage Geingob.

Vendors at Okuryangava Stop and Shop said, with the late President's administration, they have not experienced having their products confiscated by authorities for operating in the streets.

Such incidents, they say, were always solved amicably in order for them to continue making ends meet.

nbc reporter Hendrina Kanyolo took to the streets to find out from the business community how the late president's death has affected them.

Business continues as the nation is still mourning the death of Dr. Hage Geingob. A man who sells fishing nets along the road of Northern Industry in the capital highlighted that the late Dr. Geingob had the toughest journey serving as president. Taking over a country that was going through tough economic challenges. He said the departed statesman always made sure that he brought foreign investments to the country and advocated for economic emancipation.

"His term was very difficult, but the way he handled it as leader made everything possible. We did not suffer to the point where we starved. May we all be comforted through his death. My condolences, and let's all be comforted through this dark cloud. For all he has done for us and for many things, I am grateful. He wanted to add the pensioners money, but of course now it ended here."

A vendor at Okuryangava Stop and Shop expressed sympathy to the bereaved family of the late Presidfen, stating that Namibians have lost a great leader who believed in equality and development for all the people.

"We won't find another president like Hage, for what he has done for women, children, and the elderly, we will never forget him in our entire lives. He was a man of unity, and he never discriminated."

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