In a move aimed at bolstering regional and local development efforts, the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, presented the Regional and Constituency Development Fund Bill to the National Assembly. 

The bill seeks to establish a dedicated fund to financially support development projects in both regional and local authority areas.

The proposed legislation is a response to the challenges faced by regional councils in fulfilling their mandates due to limited financial resources. 

Minister Uutoni, during his presentation, outlined the potential benefits of the bill, stressing poverty reduction, community empowerment, and employment creation, particularly for youth, through locally initiated projects.

"The envisaged Regional and Constituency Development Fund is not just a financial mechanism; it is a catalyst for community empowerment, poverty reduction, and grassroots development. It offers guaranteed annual appropriations, ensuring that all constituencies have the resources they need for impactful development projects."

He acknowledged challenges faced in the current funding approach, which result in uneven development across constituencies. 

Uutoni stressed the need for additional financial resources to empower regional governments, especially in planning and executing community-based, small-scale development projects.

Other members of parliament shared their contributions and insights on the proposed bill.

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Parliament of the Republic of Namibia


Serafia Nadunya