Three Namibian marathon runners missed the top 20 at the Zurich Seville Marathon in Spain, raising concerns for Olympic qualification.

Olympic aspirations turned to disappointment for the three Namibian long-distance runners at the Zurich Seville Marathon, as none managed to crack the top 20, casting doubt on their Paris dreams.

Helalia Johannes, a seasoned athlete with four Olympic appearances and a decorated career, along with Alina Armas and Daniel Paulus, represented Namibia in the 42-kilometer race.

While Johannes, a Commonwealth champion and World Marathon medalist, did not achieve the desired result, Armas and Paulus are aiming for their first Olympic experience.

Ethiopian runners dominated both the men's and women's categories in Zurich, highlighting the stiff competition Namibia faces.

With four months remaining before the Paris Games begin, the athletes will need to intensify their training and potentially seek further qualifying opportunities to secure their Olympic dreams.

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Hileni Matheus