Namibia has recorded 52 air crash fatalities since 2008.

The Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations Department says it is working to ensure that it conforms to international safety laws.

The country today joined the global community in observing the International Day for Commemorating Air Crash Victims and Their Families. 

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) designated February 20 as the official day for commemorating air crash victims and their families.

Namibia, as a member state, is dedicated to upholding ICAO's standards and policies to ensure the safety of air transport. 

The tragic crash of the Mozambique Airlines flight in 2013, which resulted in the loss of lives, is one of the incidents that Namibia's aviation industry will remember. 

Magnus Abraham, Director of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations, highlighted the important role that Dr. Geingob played following that crash.

"Then, as a Prime Minister, as the Administrator, when ICAO instituted the standards that each country needs to have a separate agency that needs to ensure they investigate accidents that happen in the country, the Honourable Dr. Hage Geingob was personally involved in the establishment of this agency."

Namibia has been actively engaged in workshops and programmes aimed at understanding the needs of those affected by aircraft accidents. 

This valuable insight is crucial for enhancing regulations and providing better support to the victims and their families.



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