Green hydrogen has made a significant impact in Namibia, and the results of investments made towards this ambitious project can already be seen.

These were the sentiments expressed by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation, Natalia |Goagoses, at the Green Hydrogen Symposium.

Since 2022, over 180 students have benefited from the Namibia Youth for Green Hydrogen Scholarship Programme.

The programme, which is fully funded, is a collaborative effort between the German and Namibian governments. 

The Higher Education Deputy Minister expressed delight, saying the scholarship programme has so far provided many opportunities for Namibian youth.

And it is a step in building a hydrogen-ready workforce.

In the first cohort selected in 2022, 65 youths were selected for master's degree programmes, while 29 were selected to study in the TVET skills areas.

The deputy minister further revealed that a total of 4,363 applications were received for the following year, of which 90 students were successful.

The first beneficiaries of the scholarship programme will soon leave for Germany for the mobility phase of the programme, to join academic and research institutions to study for one semester.

Speaking at the same event, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform Anna Shiweda emphasised the need for Namibia to take advantage of its abundant natural resources, such as wind and solar, which have the capacity for green hydrogen production.

Shiweda further stressed that African countries could become more energy-independent through the promotion and support of the development of zero-carbon industrialization, which has the potential to create economic growth, employment, and significant opportunities for energy exports.

The Green Hydrogen Symposium will conclude on Thursday.

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Emil Seibeb