The Annual General Meeting of the Namibian Exile Kids Association (NEKA) in Otjiwarongo has elected Kadiva Hamutumwa as the new president, with Sackey Nendongo as the deputy.

Elisabeth Nghitende is the Secretary General, with Simubali Simubali as the deputy.

Yesterday, attendees of the NEKA AGM decided not to follow the advice of SWAPO Party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa, who requested a postponement of the elections during the AGM.

Shaningwa stated that there was evident tension among and between various groups during the Congress.

However, the AGM proceeded with the elections, stating that not doing so would violate NEKA's constitution since the association is currently not affiliated with the ruling party.

Yesterday, Shaningwa welcomed NEKA's application for affiliation with Swapo, but mentioned that the application would be subject to the party's internal processes.

During the elections, Hamutumwa received 125 votes, while her opponent and former President Rauna Amutati only received four votes.

For the vice president position, Sackey Nendongo received 108 votes, compared to Castro Masamba's 19 votes.

For the position of Secretary General, Elizabeth Shimwafeni secured 110 votes, while her opponent Namasiku Lizazi received 18 votes.

Simubali Simubali won the deputy secretary position with 65 votes, surpassing their opponents.

The AGM amended NEKA's constitution, extending the term of the new leadership to five years instead of three, citing disunity as the reason.

Amutati, Angula, Shikoyeni, and the delegates from the two Kavango Regions left the meeting.

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