Zambezi Regional Council management committee

New members and a chairperson have been elected for the management committee of the Zambezi Regional Council.

Matengu Simushi of the Swapo Party and Councillor of the Katima Rural Constituency has been re-elected chairperson of the Zambezi Regional Council's Management Committee.

In his address, Simushi urged fellow councillors to prioritize unity of purpose and development, regardless of their political affiliation.

Charlcyta Cooper resigns from LPM

Former Deputy Mayor of Keetmanshoop and councillor of the Landless People's Movement', Charlcyta Cooper has resigned from the party.

Cooper said she will hand over her resignation letter to the LPM. 

Cooper was elected deputy-mayor after local authority elections where the Landless People's Movement received four seats on the Keetmanshoop Municipal Council. 

Cooper informed nbc News that she and another councillor will soon hold a media conference to announce their resignation from LPM.

Nandi-Ndaitwah applauds Okaku residents on the by-election

Swapo Party Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has commended the residents of Okaku for once again putting their hopes and trust in the ruling party.

Her comments come after the Swapo candidate David Fillipus won the constituency's by-election that took place on Friday.

Nandi-Ndaitwah says Swapo's victory will allow the party to continue where it has left off in providing the much-needed development in the constituency.

It is also an indication that Swapo is a tested political party that is favored by many because it cares for the nation, she said.

Okaku Constitueny by-election campaigns end

Political parties at the Okaku by-elections have shown maturity during their campaigns with no incident of intimidation or provocation reported.

Parties contesting the by-election are Swapo, PDM, IPC and NEFF.

In its campaign message, PDM put forward a proposal policy of one family one toilet, and the construction of bridges to allow residents easy access to public institutions and facilities during floods as well as potable water in every household.

PDM is also advocating for the effective transformation of young people.

Ngwangwa community receives pedestrian brigde

The community of Ngwangwa in the Kavango West Region now has easy access to service, thanks to the North, South, West Fishing Company, which provided a pedestrian brigde.

Before the pedestrian bridge, residents used to walk at least 20 kilometers to Rundu for different services among others schools and health facilities. 

With the provision of this N$361,000 pedestrian bridge, residents will no longer have to cross the river and pay N$50 for transport.

City of Windhoek's progress after the 2021 elections

After the 2021 elections, opposition parties gained control of a number of local and regional authorities, forming coalitions in the absence of an outright majority.

However, service delivery at many of these local authorities has since slowed down. This includes the City of Windhoek, the biggest municipality in the country.

Since independence, the City of Windhoek has always been under the control of the Swapo Party.

For years, opposition parties in the council were in the minority and could not stop any council decision taken by Swapo.

Stakeholders in education welcome a motion on free Wi-Fi at schools countrywide

Stakeholders in education have welcomed a motion for free Wi-Fi at schools nationwide.
They expressed these sentiments during a public hearing by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information, Communication, Technology, and Innovation at Oshakati.

The motion on free Wi-Fi in schools, public transport, and public institutions was tabled by Swapo member of parliament Modestus Amutse in the National Assembly in February last year.

Okaku Constituency urged to vote for David Fillipus in by-election

The Swapo Party Secretary-General, Sophia Shaningwa has urged voters in Okaku Constituency to vote for her party's candidate David Fillipus in the upcoming by-election on 17 March.

The by-election became necessary following the death of Swapo Councillor Gerson Hanu Kapenda last year. 

Swapo has been in control of the constituency since independence. 

Addressing a campaign at Iindangungu Village, Shaningwa says the party needs to win the constituency to ensure that they continue with the development programme in the constituency.