Some residents of Mafuta compound, east of Choto, in Katima Mulilo Rural have been affected by low water pressure.

However, NamWater officials and technicians are addressing the matter.
Water to the Mafuta compound is supplied via a NamWater reservoir, but according to residents, consistent low water pressure is a major headache. 

Richards Kangumu, a member of the Village Development Committee in the area, said the matter had been worsened by an increase in population in the area.

Another resident, George Mumbela, said that although water shortages due to the low pressure started gradually, they have come to a point where taps have run dry.

On Thursday morning, when the nbc News team visited the area, personnel from NamWater were on site, addressing the low water pressure. 

Agness Simataa, one of the affected residents, said that she hopes NamWater will provide a permanent solution to the ongoing predicament.

"Today they want to fix our water, but all of these previous days we have been suffering, and we will be very grateful when it is finally sorted out because we are really suffering."

The residents added that while Mafuta compound residents lag behind in development with no designated streets, the clinic has also not been expanded to cater to the growing population of more than two thousand.

They appealed to the government to take immediate action and invest in reliable water supply infrastructure.

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