Head coach of Afrocats Netball Team, Dimitri Bittler, expressed frustration over their delayed departure from Windhoek on Friday night due to awaiting the monthly grants from Netball Namibia to assist with travel expenses. Bittler criticised the administration of Netball Namibia for asserting that the funds had been disbursed when they hadn't appeared in their accounts.

"Our account is with Bank Windhoek as Netball Namibia's, so it's perplexing why the funds haven't reflected, causing a delay in our travel plans," said Bittler.

The team eventually departed Windhoek around 23:00 hours on Friday. However, en route to Tsumeb, their journey was disrupted when the bus collided with a horse near Otjiwarongo. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but alternative transport had to be arranged to ensure the players reached Tsumeb in time for their match.

Despite the unexpected setback, the team proceeded with their fixture. Bittler explained, "We believed the funds had been transferred, hence we went ahead with the game. However, it became apparent after the match, which we lost to UNAM Ogongo by 36 points to 30, that the funds were still unavailable." Bittler believed that if the funds had been released earlier, the team could have departed on time, potentially avoiding accidents caused by a lack of clear vision.
When approached for comment regarding the payment issue, Netball Namibia League Administrator Eliana Seibes declined to comment. Association President Rebecca Goagoses stated via WhatsApp message that their organisation deals with all twelve teams collectively rather than individually. However, despite claims from Bittler that he had informed the president during a phone conversation and shared the information on the Netball Namibia WhatsApp group, Goagoses pleaded not to have any information regarding involvement in an accident of any team and declined to comment further on the matter. 
Subsequently, Netball Namibia acknowledged on Sunday morning that there had been issues with fund disbursement and provided Afrocats with N$5,000 to cover their incurred costs.
The contested amount in question is N$15,000 allocated to clubs monthly for operational expenses, a sum that clubs are contesting. Bittler voiced concerns, stating, "The sponsorship amount has increased from N$1.5 million per year to N$2.5 million, yet there has been no corresponding increase in monthly grants for clubs. How is this justifiable?"

He further highlighted that operational costs for teams have risen due to directives from Netball Namibia to increase players' salaries from a minimum of N$400 to N$600 per month.
Bittler however, indicated that a committee comprising three members from Netball Namibia and one representative each from Afrocats, UNAM, and Wanderers would negotiate on behalf of the clubs regarding fund allocation.

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