The National Council has approved a budget of over N$2 billion for the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

Some MPs, however, urged the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, in collaboration with the Public Service Commission and the Secretary of the Cabinet, to promptly explore the activation of the Directorate of Integration Development within regional councils.

Swapo Party MP, Andreas Amundjindi says, "As we stand now, it is a condition that the land-delegated faction and perhaps others that are ready for devolution can only be moved to devolution if the receiving directorate of that Directorate of Integrated Development is activated in the Regional Council for full implementation of decentralisation. That can only be realised if the key enablers, such as proper structures, are established and supported positions are activated in the Regional Council."

IPC's MP Micky Lukaezi raised concerns over several projects being delayed, such as the Regional and Constituency Development Fund bill, which was tabled in the National Assembly, and the construction of the Zambezi Rural Development Centre.

"I also wanted to give information or to share that the issue of the Zambezi Rural Development Centre is really disheartening in such a way that this year a consultant has been appointed to go and ask if we are still interested in continuing with the rural government center. So it even brought chaos to the people who were gathered together. That is like an insult." 

LPM's Anseline Beukes remarked that, given Namibia's current challenges of inadequate land and drought, the budget is deemed insufficient.

"What do these figures signify? They represent our commitment to urban and rural uplifting, land delivery in order to provide decent housing, a place that you can call home with all needed services, infrastructure enhancement, and holistic development. Imagine a village route being paved, connecting hamlets that were once isolated, picture a solar-powered water pump."

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Joleni Shihapela