President Nangolo Mbumba says Namibia stands in solidarity with all those around the world still fighting for freedom, justice, and dignity, stressing that, as the country commemorates its own massacre at Cassinga on May 4, 1978, citizens remember the power of unity expressed in the face of oppression. 

The president noted the support of the Republics of Cuba, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania during Namibia's fight for liberation from oppression. 

In that vein, Mbumba expressed Namibia's continued support for those who are still oppressed in Palestine and Western Sahara, saying that "fostering alliances and working together with other nations committed to the ideals of peace and justice honours the legacy of those who sacrificed their lives at Cassinga."

He said the 4th of May 1978 demonstrated the unimaginable extent to which the Apartheid Regime was willing to go, with the clear intent of breaking the Namibian spirit.

"On that day, innocent lives were lost, and the hopes of many were shattered," Mbumba said.

"However, through the tales of Cassinga survivors and our amplification of our struggle for freedom and the triumph of Namibians against the tyranny of Apartheid, we demonstrated courage and our ability to rise in the face of adversity."

He implored fellow Namibians to ensure that the lessons of despair and triumph at Cassinga are integrated into the educational curriculum, ensuring that future generations understand the significance of this tragic event in the nation's history.

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Namibian Presidency


Laimi Hainghumbi