Angola has indicated that it can supply Namibia with electricity. 

Namibia's Ambassador to Angola, Patrick Nandago, said this during an interview with nbc News.

According to Ambassador Nandago, Angola is close to becoming self-sufficient in energy generation and distribution.

Angola's electricity sector is currently organised by public companies within the Ministry of Energy and Water.

However, the country is planning to open up the energy market for private investors, especially with smaller hydropower projects.

"What they are trying to address now is the issue of distribution. And they indicated to us that they could also supply Namibia and the region at large with electricity. So we just need to continue working together with our business so that when they have more than what they need, they can supply us and also supply us when we need more than what we can consume."

Ambassador Nandago further says that the Baynes Hydropower Project between the two countries is a work in progress.

The project, situated along the Cunene River, 200 km downstream of Ruacana, is one of the long-term projects between Namibia and Angola.

The Baynes Hydropower Station is a valuable generation asset that has the potential to supply Namibia and Angola with reliable, clean electricity for generations to come.

"The projects of the Baynes Hydropower Station are one of the ongoing projects that are still a work in progress. Although our neighbours have made significant progress in the generation of electricity, they are now at the extent of being self-sufficient in terms of energy generation."

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Selima Henock