The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform (MAWLR) has proposed that resettlement farmers who demonstrate productivity be eligible to receive a title to the land. 

This initiative aims to transform them from leaseholders with the government as landlords into owners of a tangible asset.

MAWLR Minister Carl Schlettwein stated that on the land front, in the new resettlement policy of 2023-2033 within the housing and land strategy, the Ministry's proposal, which has been approved from an executive standpoint, emphasises that true wealth tied to land resides in the possession of a freehold title. 

Schlettwein was responding to a question posted by the Landless People's Movement's (LPM) Chief Whip, Utaara Mootu, regarding the displacement of several farmers in the Gobabis municipality area. 

"We have proposed a different institutional arrangement that brings about more transparency and accountability, starting with the regional authorities that are currently vested with the recommendation of who was resettled where. And we have a post resettlement support scheme that will help people who are less wealthy not sit on the farm idle because they have no capital means to process with proper farming."

He further informed the house that the ministry has observed that some of the farmers from Gobabis are business people and have compensated themselves with livestock, inadvertently creating a challenge as they cannot maintain their financial stability with this commodity.

They are therefore not devoid of resources and only face a predicament due to their payment method.

The ministry, Schlettwein stated, also noted individuals who were illegally occupying municipal land, prompting the municipality to seek an eviction order in order to develop the area.
Despite resistance, the High Court granted the eviction order.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Land Reform


Joleni Shihapela