The Minister of Industrialization and Trade, Lucia Ipumbu, has unveiled the ministry's Customer Service Charter.

Ipumbu says the initiative demonstrates the Ministry's commitment to excellence, transparency, and accountability.

The Customer Service Charter outlines the standards of service that the public can expect, from responsiveness to inquiries and complaints to integrity in interactions.

The document, Ipumbu says, stands as a testament to the Namibian government's commitment to providing efficient, people-centred service, adding that it encapsulates the ministry's promise to lead proactively, respond promptly, and resolve issues effectively.

She highlighted the ministry's dedication to continuous improvement, noting that the dynamic landscape of global industry and commerce requires adaptive and responsive customer service practices.

Minister Ipumbu also cited studies demonstrating the benefits of excellent customer service, including improved financial performance, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth.

Addressing the ministry's staff, she urged them to embrace the principles of the Customer Service Charter in their daily actions, reminding her staff that each one of them plays a crucial role in shaping the experiences of those they serve.

Ipumbu also called for continuous development and feedback from the public.

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Sheila Perestrelo


Emil Xamro Seibeb