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As Namibians celebrate Heritage Week, residents of Swakopmund have called on communities to embrace their differences and not use them to oppress others.

The Scientific Society in Swakopmund has organised exciting events to celebrate Heritage Week.

Storytelling tours in the museum and around the bonfire, textile workshops for children, wine and paint evenings and a cultural day, made up the line-up for the celebrations.

Erongo Governor, Neville Andre opened the celebrations with a call for unity.

"One of the greatest tasks as a nation is to heal the divisions of the past and we have that, we have to do that as Namibian people. We will never be a truly united nation until we overcome the poverty, inequality and underdevelopment and unemployment that is still so prevalent". 

Heritage week encourages Namibians to celebrate and commit themselves to protect the country's natural and cultural resources.

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Governor of Erongo Region


Renate Rengura