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The University of Namibia and the Katima Mulilo Town Council signed a memorandum of cooperation on Thursday to assist the Town Council with research and capacity building.

UNAM Vice Chancellor, Professor Kenneth Matengu, said as towns grow the university has an obligation to support studies on water, sanitation and other related matters. 

Professor Matengu called upon the Katima Mulilo Town Council to ensure that there's a critical annual plan budgeted for and valued at all costs if the town is to achieve its objectives. 

Katima Mulilo Chief Executive Officer, Raphael Liswaniso, said the town planning at its initial stage of development did not take future infrastructure development into consideration.  

Liswaniso says bigger houses are constructed, some on top of manholes which makes it difficult to completely resolve the sewer situation.

He further observed that some residents have developed an "I don't care attitude" where they open manholes and throw bricks and other materials that cause the manholes to block.

The ponds created at the initial stage of the town's development still remain the same, while toilet facilities are increasing not only in general but in houses where there is more than one toilet.

The budget constraints are another serious challenge the Katima Mulilo Town council is facing with only N$1,8 million allocated for this financial year, which the town CEO says, is a drop in the ocean as compared to developmental challenges faced by the town.

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