Social media has become a key driver of the tourism sector, as over 70% of bookings are currently done online.

This is after having to explore innovative and safe ways to stabilize the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Namibia currently has over 100,000 online booking establishments.
Namibia Media Holdings CEO Albe Botha says booking online has allowed for easier cancellation policies.

This has however also posed a challenge for some establishments to plan, while those that do not have cancellation policies tend to lose out on customers.

"It is a very competitive market that we are operating in, and this is what the tourists want: personalized engagements, to be looked after, and eco-friendly engagements, sustainable tourism practices, and obviously in the name of public health and safety. From this and understanding what tourists want, it becomes difficult to compete on the global front. Therefore, as a country, we must work together to make this happen."

Photo Credits
Celma Ndhikwa