The Damaran people gathered at Okombahe to celebrate the annual cultural festival, which is aimed at uniting the different Damara sub-tribes as well as showcasing their culture and traditions for the benefit of the youth.

As the ray of sunlight touched the face of the earth, the Damaran Gaob Justus |Uruhe ||Gäroeb performed a ritual ceremony upon his visit to the graveyard monument of the late leaders and unveiled new plaques in their honour.
The Damaran Gaob led the lighting of the ritual fire that represents unity among the 34 Damara clans.

A few hours later, women and men from various Damara clans dressed up in their traditional attire marched through the streets with joyful sounds of music and thanksgiving.

Goab ||Gäroeb then arrived in style at the venue, in the company of the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Natalia |Goagoses, Chief Immanuel |Gaseb who is the Chairperson of the Traditional Authorities Council of Namibia, and various traditional groups.



Stefan Uirab