The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) has launched the SADC electronic certificate of origin.

The certificate is part of the Customs modernization process aimed at facilitating the easy movement of goods and ensuring that goods conform to the SADC Rules of Origin. 

The SADC Electronic Certificate of Origin is an electronic document which attests that the goods declared by an exporter conform to specific rules of origin.

The SADC Electronic Certificate of Origin enables access to download eCoO copies, thereby reducing data errors, improving record keeping and notifying exporters of their eCoO status by email.

Rules of origin are used in customs administration to determine the source of a product. 

In the past, this certificate was issued manually and on Tuesday Namibia through NamRA joins the rest of the SADC members as part of digital transformation.

Alcides Monteiro, A Senior Programme Officer from the SADC Secretariat said Namibia became the 5th SADC member state to implement the electronic certificate.

He also encouraged the Member States to migrate to electronic processing of the certificate of origin.

NamRA's Head of Customs and Excise Willbroad Poniso speaking on behalf of Commissioner Sam SHIVUTE says the SADC electronic certificates will eradicate the traditional way of certifying goods, increase trade and reduce fraud risks.

This is the second time that NamRA is implementing a customs modernization programme. 

Early this year, the Revenue Agency implemented the Advance Ruling Programme and now plan to launch the Unique Consignment Reference number next year.

Photo Credits
Lucia Nghifindaka