Members of a local neighborhood watch at Walvis Bay discovered the skeletal remains of a person in the desert east of the harbor town.

According to Nampol's Unit Commander for Community Affairs in Erongo, Inspector Ileni Shapumba, a human skeleton was found in an area previously used as a burial site by the local community.

"Every time the wind blows, some of these skeletons come out. There were some collections that were made in the past, and maybe we need to refer some of the referrals to the community leaders in the area to bring clarity to the matter. To say yes, the place was used as a burial site or whatever happened, but we are investigating the matter, we have not taken our side of the story, and we need to determine whether there are any criminal issues of concern or whether there are no issues of concern in that matter."

Shapumba urged the community not to panic, saying the skeleton could end up being centuries old.

He applauded the community for their close cooperation with the Namibian Police in fighting crime.

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