Stakeholders in education have welcomed a motion for free Wi-Fi at schools nationwide.
They expressed these sentiments during a public hearing by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information, Communication, Technology, and Innovation at Oshakati.

The motion on free Wi-Fi in schools, public transport, and public institutions was tabled by Swapo member of parliament Modestus Amutse in the National Assembly in February last year.

Amutse, when he motivated his motion last year, said the offering of free Wi-Fi by various stakeholders will guarantee that individuals make informed decisions in the process of expressing themselves and imparting information.

His motion was referred to the parliamentary standing committee to obtain input from the public.

Amutse also believes free Wi-Fi in public transport and public institutions such as schools will empower Namibia to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Some teachers who attended the public hearing supported the motion, saying they looked forward to free Wi-Fi, especially in schools, as they are limited in teaching information communication at schools.

The standing committee also held a session in Omusati Region, where Councilor of Ogongo Constituency Daniel Iilende, while welcoming the motion, also cautioned the government to control the abuse of free Wi-Fi.

The Outapi Councilor, Emmanuel Shikongo, expressed concern that people in remote areas will not benefit from the initiative due to poor network connectivity.

Other concerns raised at the meeting included who would bear the cost of implementing free Wi-Fi.

The Omusati meeting also suggested that the government first needs to put up structures where the public can access free Wi-Fi.

The setting up of solar panels at schools and hospitals in remote areas and enhanced broadband connectivity for better free Wi-Fi usage before the implementation of free Wi-Fi in public institutions were also discussed.

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Parliament of the Republic of Namibia


Tonateni Haimbodi