Plans are underway to renovate and revamp the Mangetti Health Center at Tsumkwe Constituency in Otjozondjupa Region, which is in a dilapidated state.

This was confirmed by Regional Health Director, Gerbardo Timotheus, following risk assessments done in 2022 .

Timotheus says a budget of more than N$1 million will this be allocated towards the construction, including kitchen and laundry renovations, of the Mangetti Health Centre.

Initially, the center served as a military clinic during the apartheid era, after which Government than took over the- management.

"It is a risk because the cracks are all over, the ceiling is falling off and even the paint work, is completely worn-out. Already last year in July, my team was there with the Ministry of Works and Transport to explore ways and means how this thing can be either completely demolished and construct a new one or demolish one part and then renovate the other part but that's still in a better condition, or if there is any part that is in a better condition."

Timotheus added there is also a need to set up a laboratory department at the center, as it serves thousands of locals and surrounding villages at the constituency.

"The main services that are lacking now if I may say are the laboratory services. The samples are taken to Grootfontein for test and maybe sometimes to Windhoek. But ones we set up a laboratory, it will be easier for the Doctor to make diagnosis quickly and also get the results as soon as possible and provide proper treatment. Hence this structure is needed because there will be also no space for the laboratory to be open if we are not doing these renovations as soon as possible."

The Centre currently has 10 enrolled and registered nurses as well as a medical doctor.

Plans are also underway to solicit funding and assistance from UNICEF or WHO for the revival of the Mangetti Maternity waiting home, with the aim to provide pregnant women with quality health services and needs.

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