A search team from the Ministry of Environment, Tourism, and Forestry only managed to recover the head of a male victim , who was caught by a crocodile at Rundjara in the Kavango East Region.

It's the rainy season and the best time to fish for residents living along the Kavango River.

However, it is also the most dangerous time, as the river is rising.

In Rundjarara village, there are spots where one should never try to swim, fish, or even attempt to fetch water, as some dangerous crocodiles known to the community are spotted here.

On Wednesday evening, a Namibian citizen farming on the other side of the river went to freshen up after a long day.

A few moments later, a voice was heard screaming.

Residents then rushed to the river, and all they could find were his clothes right on the banks.

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism immediately launched a search.

However, as the Kavango River started to rise, it was not easy for the search team.

The search continued for the second day, but the body could not be found, and residents started to lose hope.

At about five in the afternoon, residents could see a boat from a distance arriving on the bench of the river; some, emotionally touched, started crying, hoping at least to receive the body of their loved one.

Sadly, the search team could only recover his head.

According to the acting Police Regional Commander for the Kavango East, Deputy Commissioner Eino Nambahu, the victim is an Angolan national. 

DC Nambahu said the police provided their boat for the body to be searched.

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