The Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Joseph Shikongo, has denied a request by the Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) to hold a protest along Independence Avenue in support of striking workers of the Windhoek Municipality.

NEFF made the request on Thursday last week, and Shikongo says that the request to hold the protest is not in compliance with the three working-day notice.

Lieutenant General Shikongo also informed NEFF that the aim of the intended demonstration has not been clearly specified in the notice.

"Therefore, should you intend to host such an intended public gathering/demonstration, kindly comply with the state law," responded the police chief.

NEFF Commissar Michael Amushelelo has responded to Shikongo and informed the police that they have now moved the protest, which was planned to start on Monday, to March 1st.

Amushelelo also informed Shikongo that the purpose of the protest had been clearly stipulated in last week’s letter.

Close to 500 City of Windhoek cleaning staff are demanding better wages and have downed tools.



Emil Xamro Seibeb