Landless Swakopmund residents stage demonstration

A group of landless Swakopmund residents staged a demonstration, demanding fairness in the delivery of land at the town.

The group marched to the municipal offices, where they delivered a petition.

In the petition, residents called on the Swakopmund Municipality to allocate them land where they can set up their formal structures as well as provide affordable houses to its residents.

Over 500 Swakopmund residents to own decent housing

Over 500 Swakopmund residents will now be able to own decent housing as the Swakopmund Municipality will embark on a process through which land ownership will be awarded to them.

This is part of the Swakopmund Municipality’s target to decongest 17,000 or more residents from the DRC informal settlement.

The project, which will benefit residents, mainly those living in the town’s informal settlements of DRC Proper and DRC Wagdaar, will commence early this year, according to the town’s Chief Executive Officer, Archie Benjamin, in his new year’s message.